The structured settlement consultants at Quest Settlements have more than 30 years of combined experience providing quality structured settlements in California. With our substantial industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, our structured settlement company has been able to assist many claimants and attorneys alike with our comprehensive and customized settlement services.

What is a Structured Settlement?

In a general sense, a structured settlement is a voluntary arrangement between an injured party (also known as the plaintiff or claimant) and the defendant, in which the former receives compensation through guaranteed, tax-free payments set at fixed time intervals rather than in one lump-sum. While many structured settlement agreements are reached in pre-trial mediation, they can also be set up as a result of a court order. Once the settlement comes into effect, the legal claim against the defendant is released.

The settlement payments are distributed to the claimant not from the liable party directly, but rather from a structured settlement annuity. With these settlement annuities, a life insurance company is contracted to provide either an income stream or a set of lump sum payments.

What Types of Legal Cases Can Use Structured Settlements?

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Structured settlements are often used for personal physical injury cases, including workers compensation cases and medical malpractice cases where bodily harm occurs. Physical injury settlements allow for the funds to enter a tax-free structured settlement annuity.

Such cases often involve claimants that have suffered severe injuries as well as those that are left either temporarily or permanently disabled. Structured settlements are also used in wrongful death cases as a means of providing income to the surviving family members.

Benefits of a Structured Settlement Annuity

Quest Settlements Provides Structured Settlements in San Diego County and Los Angeles County

Structured settlements have become increasingly popular in large part because of the substantial benefits that they provide for the claimant and for the defendant/responsible party as well. As mentioned above, the settlement funds for physical injury cases are not subject to state or federal income taxation. The fact that the settlements are guaranteed by life insurance company annuities as well as U.S. Treasuries provides invaluable peace of mind for the claimants.

Additionally, the payments can be carefully designed to successfully meet the claimant’s future expenses and needs, whether medical or otherwise. These payments can also work in conjunction with public benefits as well as with trusts and other useful financial programs.

While structured settlements are quite advantageous for plaintiffs, they do also provide excellent benefits for defendants. Agreeing to a structured settlement can help reduce overall legal expenses and is very useful for breaking through any negotiation stalemates. These arrangements also allow defendants to avoid the risks involved if the cases were to go to trial.

A Leader Among Structured Settlement Companies

At our top structured settlement company, we understand that personal injuries have devastating effects on the lives of victims and their loved ones. As such, our skilled settlement consultants work closely with claimants and their lawyers to provide effective settlement solutions that provide the funds needed for medical expenses, living expenses and beyond. In addition to offering standard structured settlement annuities, we also offer Settlements Plus™ which incorporates market-based returns.

When it comes to structured settlements in California, you need the best structured settlement  company: ours. We are knowledgeable, dependable, and firmly committed to acting in the client’s best interests. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day. If you’re in Los Angeles County, please call our structured settlements in Los Angeles at (805) 823-6100. For structured settlements in San Diego County, please call structured settlements in San Diego at (619) 391-2578.

For Quality Structured Settlement Annuities, Contact Quest Settlements Today at (877) 832-3005

For Quality Structured Settlement Annuities, Contact Quest Settlements Today at (877) 832-3005