With settlements for personal injury cases and other cases that involve treatment for physical injuries, it is not uncommon for there to be certain healthcare-related liens that must be addressed. If your client has a lien against him or herself, it is of vital importance that it’s resolved as efficiently as possible and with strict adherence to all associated regulations and guidelines.

At our top structured settlement company, we have close partnerships with exceptional firms that offer effective Medicare lien negotiation services to attorneys not only in Los Angeles County and San Diego County but across the entire United States.

Effective Healthcare Lien Resolution Services

Healthcare Lien Resolution from Quest Settlements

When it comes to settlement funds, “primary payer” entities including Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA healthcare providers and military healthcare providers seek reimbursement for medical expenditures made on the settlement recipient’s behalf. If not addressed promptly and in a proper manner, the liens can significantly impede the overall settlement process and lead to increased costs.

Our highly experienced partners do an excellent job of helping to get these healthcare liens resolved as quickly and accurately as possible while also protecting the claimant’s settlement funds. If you’re an attorney needing medicare lien resolution services, please contact us online or give us a call toll-free at (877) 832-3005.

For Lien Resolution Services, Contact Quest Settlements Today at (877) 832-3005

For Lien Resolution Services, Contact Quest Settlements Today at (877) 832-3005