Our Services for Attorneys


Since 1996, federal courts have recognized an attorney’s ability to defer taxation of his or her fees by using an attorney fee structured settlement. When implemented properly, plaintiff counsel has the ability to defer any portion of their contingency fee. Structured attorney’s fees allow for periodic income payments and tax payment only when income is received. Spreading fees over several years can assist in avoiding a higher tax bracket and allows the money saved in taxes to be invested in little risk. Quest will help advise plaintiff counsel when attorney fee structuring might be considered.


Fee Structured Plus+® is an unparalleled program offering trial attorneys a unique alternative to traditional structured attorney fee options by allowing attorneys to enjoy market-related returns on the full value of their contingency fees – completely tax-deferred. If attorneys want their fees to be invested pursuant to a comprehensive investment plan as of their choosing or with the guidance of their financial advisor, on a fully tax-deferred basis, the compounding opportunity provided by FSP® can’t be beat!


Through our various partnerships, Quest Settlements can help identify cases that may require assistance with lien resolution. Our partnerships provide innovative lien negotiation services to attorneys throughout the nation. Those liens would include those that involve the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Medicaid, ERISA/Private Healthcare, and Military Liens.


Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF’s) allow plaintiff attorneys to settle a case for cash while still preserving the claimants’ rights to receive tax-free treatment on future benefits if created through the purchase of a structured settlement annuity without violating the Constructive Receipt Doctrine. Any case involving multiple claimants or claims can be a candidate for a QSF.